Mia BucketMia Bucket
Mia Bucket $295
Ana CrossbodyAna Crossbody
Rosa Tote - RattanRosa Tote - Rattan
Paola CrossbodyPaola Crossbody
Lara ClutchLara Clutch
Larita ClutchLarita Clutch
Luna Bag - RattanLuna Bag - Rattan
Emilia RattanEmilia Rattan
Nell - RattanNell - Rattan
Benna Bucket MiniBenna Bucket Mini
Bembien Benna Bucket in Chocolate Rattan held by a standing womanBenna Bucket
Bembien Margot Bag in Large Caramel Rattan placed on the floor alongside a plantMargot Bag - Large
Bembien Margot Bag in Medium Caramel Rattan on the shoulder of a woman holding a plantMargot Bag - Medium
Bembien Margot Bag Mini in Caramel Rattan in the lap of a seated woman by a fireplaceMargot Bag - Mini
Bembien Valeria Tote in Black Rattan in the lap of a seated woman on a stoolValeria Tote
On sale
Bembien Lola Bag in RattanLola Bag
Lola Bag $140
Bembien Gianna Bag on the beachGianna Bag
Gianna Bag $140
Bembien Clara Bag in RattanClara Bag
Clara Bag $280
Bembien Elena Bag in Rattan worn on the shoulder of a standing womanElena Bag
Elena Bag $290
Bembien Isla Bag in Rattan on a beach towelIsla Bag
Isla Bag $260
Bembien Maya Bag in Rattan with Simone Scarf in cream tied to the strap placed alongside a woman reading a bookBembien Maya Bag in Rattan
On sale
Maya Bag $176
Bembien Sofia Bag in Rattan on a chair next to a table with drinks on itSofia Bag
Sofia Bag $220
Bembien Bella Bag in RattanBella Bag
Bella Bag $195
Bembien Marfa Bag in Rattan worn on the shoulder by a woman crossing the street in a cityMarfa Bag
Marfa Bag $195
Rose BagRose Bag
On sale
Rose Bag $148
Bembien Flora Clutch in RattanFlora Clutch
Bembien Harper Bag in Rattan placed on top of a magazine and next to a dish of fruitHarper Bag
Harper Bag $185
Bembien Lily Bag in Rattan on a table beside other objectsLily Bag
Sold out
Lily Bag $165
Bembien Soleil Scarf placed on the Chloe Bag in Rattan on top of a table and alongside a cup of coffeeChloe Bag
Chloe Bag $185
Bembien Stella Bag in Rattan shown alongside a seated person on a staircaseStella Bag
On sale
Stella Bag $148
Bembien Gina Tote in Rattan held in the arm of a seated womanGina Tote
Gina Tote $240

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